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The Communist Party of Pakistan, since its inception in (March,1948) has been striving for organizing  the working classes of Pakistan to bring proletarian revolution. To attain the goal, CPP has been stirving to organise differet sections of society. Trade Umions, Peasant Organizations, Inellectual, s forums, Students Federatios, Minority Frontts, Peace Councils and Political activists. The strategy  is to bring a sufficient, motivated force, under one umberrela, to stage a peoples mutiny.

CPP was declared an illegal organization in 1954, by the pro-imperialist regeim. Before this, Party actively participated in all the elections at all levels. After the ban of 1954 and arrests of scores of its members, including  its leaders, Party adapted  alliance politics. During this long period, Party members took part in elections either as idependent candidates or under cover of alliances. Party suffered the hardest time of its life from 1954-1988 ,at the hands of the state’s heavy handed  machinery. The Party’s  Secretary General and many C.C. members were forcefully exiled many times and even killed in torcher cells ,while  many others were physically and mentally disabled At the end of dictator, General Zia ul Haq,s military rule in 1989, Party started semi open political activity on trial bases, and thus in 1991, it decided to function openly, using  its name in the public. From 1991-till 2008, the Party candidates partook in the election processes as independent candidates. Many local bodies – municipal councilors, chairmen and vice chairmen slots were  won by the candidates, declaring them selves as independents, with  the party support and backing,in the four provinces of Pakistan .
Recently ,a so called communist party has been registered by the election commission of Pakistan, The spokeman of this gang has alleged that CPP has renounced its past stand and pledged to bourgeois electoral politics, in its 2002 congress.

The so called self proclaimed chairman of this reacionary grouping, has claimed to be the continuity of the Communist Party of Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that, this man had been  expelled from the party membership in 2005, over his blatant support for the “RELIGIOUS LEGISLATIONS” of  the Islamic fundamentalist Government in the Pakhtoonkhwa Province. His so called organization has no political document of his own, nor any provincial or district committee, in any part of the country .

The election commission of Pakistan has turned down our application for registration, on pretext of Marxism Leninism, being  the declared ideological foundation of the party. Pakistan ,being an Islamic state, sovereignty belongs to Allah, in its constitution, and  not to people. We were pressed to change the Marxist Leninist ideological foundation from the Party’s constitution, if interested in registration, with the election commission of Pakistan for taking part  in political process of country.

Our Party rejected this covetous offer. Communist Party of Pakistan strongly condemn  this persistant undemocratic attitude of state matchinary Interestingly, the so called CPP, having  no ideological foundation, which openly detests dialectical materialism and reveres Islamic orthodoxy, for clear reasons, now, has been granted registration. After having been registered, this group has hyped up its false propaganda of denigration against COMMUNIST PARTY OF PAKISTAN. alledging that we are preparing for a gorilla war fare, which is a clear lie. Our Party has exquisitely declared, time and again in its party congress documents, that reaching the goal of  revolution, all possible means will have to be adopted. Being  part  of the bourgeois electoral processes, has always been used as a tactics. CPP is absolutely clear in its mind and heart, that this path is not  leading  to a revolution, but it is greatly helpful in  the organization of peoples mutiny. There are several incidences from the past, on account, to have many militant clashes with the state's defense institutions, during peasant mutinies, but it has never been our slogan, that revolution can be attended only through the barrel of the gun .

CPP will continue to field its independent candidates in contesting  the next upcoming  elections .

Issued : Polit-Bureau  
Communist Party of Pakistan
Central Secretariat: D-168, Naseem Nagar Phase-III, Hyderabad, Sindh. 
Phone: +92-22-2654531, Fax: +92-22-2654531, Mob: +92-333-2714014, +92-300-3065723, 
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