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 • February 22 is a new dawning in the history of the Revolution, the people and the fatherland. 

• The patriotic awakening in West Bank, the firmness of our people on the Gaza Strip, the resistance of our prisoners in the jails of occupation, and international support for our cause are all indications that advise the essential implementation of a combat strategy in the scenarios of the struggle, the economy and society, within the framework of the struggle for independence and for a return.
• Let the celebrations of the new anniversary and for the success of the Sixth National Congress of the DFLP be a cause for the renewal of our support for national unity and the definition of our struggle against an internal division!
• We reiterate our call for the neutrality of Palestinian refugee camps in Syria and against any involvement in the internal conflict, for allowing a return of their inhabitants and for preserving them as secure areas.


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On the 37th anniversary of the Day of the Land


On the anniversary of the Day of the Land our people are unified in historical Palestine in defence of their land and their fatherland, wounded by colonialism, protector of the Sionist project based on hatred, on uprooting and on destruction, not only in Palestine but also in the whole Arab area and in the region in general.

Today, the unity of the people, in the democratic and long-lasting national liberation struggle, requires that an end be put to the internal division and that forces be united around a common program as a garantee for its progress towards nacional goals.




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novembar 29, 2017
Iz našeg ugla - KPS Sekretarijat KPS

Komunistički Pokret Srbije - Karakter i ciljevi

Zar smo zaista toliko naivni da ćemo poverovati da će najpokvareniji i najnemoralniji među nama ( kapitalisti ) išta učiniti za dobrobit društva ( svih nas)? Vrlo često nam se postavlja pitanje „Ko ste vi?“, pitanje sa brojnim potpitanjima, pitanje koje u…
novembar 27, 2017
Iz domaće štampe A.O.

ŠTA JE U STVARI KOMUNIZAM? Ako mislite da ste živeli u njemu, grdno se varate!

Stvarni izgled komunističkog društva nema gotovo nikakvih dodirnih tačaka sa onim što smo iskusili mi i naši roditelji. Na pitanje da li je taj sistem utopija ili nije, nećemo ni pokušati da odgovorimo, to ostavljamo vama. Ono što ćemo pokušati da uradimo je…

“Unutrašnji dijalog“ o Kosovu i Metohiji – VELIKA PREVARA za srpski narod

nov 21, 2017 346
„Da je Kosovo izgublјeno, govore oni koji su sami izgublјeni! Srbin je onaj koga se…

Frizerske stolice

okt 15, 2017 745
Ovoj vlasti ne trebaju pametni ljudi. Trebaju im budale da ih služe I da bespogovorno…

Nato i Srbija

apr 07, 2016 606
Nato pakt je najveća teroristička organizacija
Nato pakt je najveća teroristička organizacija, stvorena da deluje kada ne pomažu drugi…

Lopovsako društvo

mar 14, 2015 896
Reč kleptokratija potiče od grčke reči kleptos /κλέπτης/ - lopov i kratos /κράτος/ -…