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In pursuits of strengthening Imperialism ,the American Imperialism ,having adopted the Neo-cons policies ,grabbing and exploiting the natural resources and markets of the under developed countries of the world .
For this purpose ,to gain the support on its berserk policies ,it is sharply cheating the people in the developed world ,by presenting a so called enemy like Soviet Union .  In the past the threat  from Soviet Union  used, where now the so called uncivilized Muslims danger is shown ,and they  continuously irritate them , by attacking their beliefs fundamentals .
This way ,the anti imperialist and class oriented struggles of the people are distracted towards religious obscurantist bigotry . The religious political fanatic forces ,being stooges of the US imperialism ,capitalizes on such issues through extremism and thus creating greater comforts to the exploiters .
This was stated by Comrade Imdad Qazi ,the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Pakistan ,in his press statement of the PB’s meeting .  He further stressed ,that religious harmony among the people is highly important for the class struggle to triumph .
In fact ,worldwide agitations in the backdrop of the blasphemous film is a natural phenomenon . CPP denounce it . But the Pakistani Muslim polity should be aware of the imperialist intrigues ,also .
Comrade Qazi ,also strongly condemned the extremist forces ,who murdered ,plundered and damaged the properties and lives of their own brethrens .
The worth of religion is tightly linked to the material conditions . Advancement in the mode of production and growth in society ,due to which belief intensity do change with time . Changes ,that do occur in the course of industrial advancement ,in capitalist system; are its social and political  impacts ,which in its turn do speed up the class struggle ,and consequently the intensity of beliefs is mitigated . Here ,this whole display is staged in order to hinder the evolutionary transformations of the society .
In reference to this movie ,a so called communist group  ,is being  basically a psychopath ,is always quick  enough to spread irrelevant non Marxist ,non progressive absurdities .
He is been used ,since very long time by the Pakistani agencies in order to distort the CPP’s point of views  among the masses and international quarters . Therefore ,any irresponsible statement present or past ,issued by Jameel Malik and  his CP ,the Communist Party of Pakistan disown it and has nothing to with it .
Dr Shafiq Ahmad .
International Co-coordinator .
Communist Party of Pakistan
Central Secretariat: D-168, Naseem Nagar Phase-III, Hyderabad, Sindh. 
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