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Hyderabad (PR) : The judicial activism of the Supreme Court of Pakistan for quite a long time has been casting a soothing effect over the layman ,but in fact ,it is a clear manifestation of the deeply rooted contradictions ,existing among the institutions of the state .

The disqualification of the elected Prime Minister, by the Supreme court of Pakistan ,is a solid proof to this cognizance .
The Chief Justice’s recent sordid remarks against the spy agency “ISI” ,the Brigadier Ali’s court Martial case in light of the F16 pilot’s given evidences ,at the last but not the least ,the statement of Senator Mushahid in the national parliamentary committee for defense ,where he strongly observed that ,the Military establishment stands divided ,must be taken as quite authentic proof ,that things have direly gone wrong . Things would take more serious turns in the days to come ,when the newly appointed prime minister ,would also abstain ,writing to the Swiss banks against the president , and after that ,the opposition won’t be able to reach a consensus for an interim government and the chief election commissioner , obviously all the powers would be ultimately concentrated in the hands of the chief justice .
There a authentic speculations ,on whose behalf ,he ( the chief justice ) is acting ; that the ISI linked ,out law Hizb-u-Tehrir organization ,elements from the ISI of Zia’s legacy ,i.e. General Hameed Gul and his coterie are solely on the back of it .
The Polit -bureau of the CP of Pakistan further observes in its press statement that ,due to the deep internal existing antagonism of the establishment ,secrets of a barrage corruption of the son of the chief justice and journalists were recently divulged .
The Communist Party of Pakistan strongly observes ,that these forces could take easy advantage of the prevailing crisis of the state, and with the help of the cohort religious fanatics and obscurant forces ,are eying to take control of the power of the state
This dire situation can’t be coped with by the stigmatized and corrupt feudal ruling class’s parties . The peoples friendly revolutionary left forces can stir a positive direction to the situation ,through joint working for the re-organization of the working class movement ,otherwise Fascism and anarchy is the ordeal to prevail ,with havocking consequences for the country ,the region and beyond .

Issued : by the Central Secretariat