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pcp1. These elections fully confirm the correctness and the importance of the PCP's decision to take part,with its own and autonomous voice, in the debate and clarification regarding the country's situation andthose who are responsible for it, regarding the role and powers of the President of the Republic and theover-arching need for a break with the right-wing policies, that may open the way for a path towards amore developed, just and sovereign Portugal.

Francisco Lopes embodied in these elections the alternative candidacy to Cavaco Silva and the right-wing policies with which he is compromised. Having at the core of his intervention and activity theneed for a different course for Portugal, Francisco Lopes brought to the electoral debate the country'sproblems, the exposure of the policies and of those who are responsible for the country's situation, thenature of the powers and role that would be required of a President of the Republic who respects, andenforces the respect for, the Constitution of the Republic. A unique contribution to bring to thiscampaign crucial issues such as valuing workers and their rights, national production, the requirementof subordinating economic power to political power, the assertion of national sovereignty andindependence.

The votes scored by Francisco Lopes reflect the support of hundreds of thousands of Portuguese andare a militant assertion of the need for a profound change in the country's life. This support will, morethan any other, contribute for the necessary and indispensable continuation of the struggle againstinjustice and the process of national decline to which the PS, PSD and Cavaco Silva have dragged thecountry.

[Francisco Lopes'] score is all the more significant as it was built on the foundations of a committedpopular intervention and mobilization which, overcoming resignations and conformism, overcomingthe silencing and discrimination, brought to this campaign a project of hope and confidence in theworkers, the people and the country. These were votes for a patriotic and left-wing candidate, free fromany links to the right-wing policies and the economic groups and which, like no other, personified aworking-class candidacy, a candidacy attached to the values and achievements of [the] April [1974Revolution].
2. The re-election of Cavaco Silva, which is the negative outcome of these presidential elections,represents, in our country's current situation, not just the continuation of the national problems, but aqualitative leap for the worse, a renewed factor of encouragement for additional attacks against thedemocratic regime, the values and achievements of April.
This is a re-election that was built upon the abuse of his institutional functions and the resources of thePresidency, that is based on a shameless concealment of his responsibilities for the country's problemsand for the choices and decisions that affect the lives of millions of Portuguese, and on the intolerableblackmail of the voters that he brought to the fore in the last few days. But above all, it directlybenefited from the indignation and rejection of the policies of the José Socrates/PS Government, bymany voters who wrongly considered that voting for Cavaco Silva was a means of expressing thosefeelings.
Cavaco Silva in the Presidency will mean a further worsening of the course of economic decline andsocial injustice, a confirmation of the country's submission to foreign interests and big capital'sblackmail, an encouragement for the continuation of the right-wing policies, whether based on thestrategic cooperation with the current PS Government, or on an intervention to pave the way for a PSD-CDS Government to take office. His presence in the Presidency will certainly ensure stability for right-wing policies, but will represent instability for the lives of the workers and the people.
The fact that Cavaco Silva's score is the smallest majority won in any re-election for a second term,highlights a negative assessment on the way he carried out his functions and on the responsibilities thathe shares for the country's situation. The result is also marked by a disturbing growth in abstentionswhich are, in themselves, a repudiation of the right-wing policies.
Cavaco Silva's result and his re-election will not stop the growth and intensification of the indignation,protest and struggle of all those who do not accept the course of inequality and injustice that he hassponsored.
3. The current of mobilization which the candidacy of Francisco Lopes brought about, its clarificationof the country's problems and of the policies which are responsible for them, and the tremendouscontribution which his campaign and the work of the thousands of activists which took part in it gaveto the struggle against discouragement and dismay, will have an impact in the near future, as anessential factor to develop the struggle and the political battles which the country's situation and theright-wing policies impose upon the workers and our Party.
4. A special greeting to comrade Francisco Lopes who personified this demanding and important battle,and to the thousands of activists and supporters who built a campaign without parallel in any othercandidate, in terms of direct contacts, the mobilization and awareness-raising regarding the country'ssituation and the role required of a President of the Republic, to respect the Constitution and to act toensure a break with the course of national decline and social regression which the policies of successivegovernments have brought about.
Greetings to all Communists, to the activists of the Ecologist Party, “the Greens” and to the members ofthe Democratic Intervention Association who honoured this candidacy with their expression of support.
Greetings to the thousands of men and women who are not members of any Party and who identified inthis candidacy the expression of the project, and of the fulfillment of Presidential duties, which canrespond to the problems and challenges with which Portugal is confronted.