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3528Vice-Chairman of Workers’ Party, Hasan Basri Ozbey has issued a celebration to the Egyptian nation who rose up and took Mursi down:

The Egyptian Nation has taken Mursi down.

We greet Egyptian People's Revolution with the fire of Turkish Nation’s ‘June Revolt’ in our hearts. 

 The Egypt People's Revolution has boosted the morale levels of all the oppressed nations struggling against imperialism, especially in West Asia. Losers and Winners

The American Imperialism has lost the battle in Egypt; the winners are the Egyptians! Ideologies of the Middle Age in Egypt has lost the battle, the winners are secularism and modernism.

Separatism in ethnicity, religion and sects has lost the battle; the winners are the National Unity and the National Flag. The co-operation with imperialism and reactionary ideologies have lost the battle, the winner is Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Arabic Nations’ National Democratic Revolutions’ symbol.

The Greater Middle East Project of the USA has lost the war, the winners are Middle East’s nations’ desire of living together and free. Egypt is not the only winner of this war. Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and all the countries in region got a historical victory.

Mursi is down! The next ones are Tayyip Erdogan and Abdullah Gul! The Egyptian people have taken down Mursi by an incredible revolution. Now it is ‘Greater Middle East Project’s co-chairman’s turn! Now it is Tayyip Erdogan and Abdullah Gul’s turn! The Turkish Nation will never leave the Egyptian Nation alone.

The Turkish Nation will demolish the Greater Middle East Project, found its real National Government and will crown its 150-years history of revolutions with new triumphs.

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